Head over to https://www.orena.com/signup.php

Fill in Required Details, such as:

  1. Enter your Alias
    (This is the Name that you will be identified as when utilizing Orena platforms)
  2. Insert your Email Address
    (This is the address we will use to contact you for any Orena related queries)
  3. Insert your Date of Birth
  4. Insert the Country you reside in
  5. Enter a password that you will use to login into across the Orena platforms
  6. Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions
  7. Select “Create my Account”


Once selecting “Create my Account”, you will be taken to your official user “Dashboard”. Here you can update and manage the following details:

  1. Personal details such as your Name, Email, Birthdate, location and password.
  2. Game Details such as your Steam, Blizzard and PSN ID’s depending on what games you want to play
  3. Add your public messenger information
  4. Create and Manage your Clans &; Teams
  5. Create, Accept and Manage all of your Matches

Step 3: Registering to a Competition

Once you have fully updated your own personal profile, you can begin entering competitions. To enter a competition, one must complete all the steps required to compete.

Team Based Competitions

Certain Competitions require you to be a part of a team, such as our 3v3 and 5v5 Ladders. In these cases, you must either join or create a team of your own to compete.

To do so you, must go through the entire “Clan” and “Team” creation process.

Creating a Clan

  1. Head to your dashboard (https://www.orena.com/dashboard/index.php) and select the “Clan” tab.
  2. Select “Add Clan” to open the “Create Clan” window
  3. On the “Create Clan” window, enter your “Clan Name” and “ Clan Prefix”.
  4. Select “I am the Clan Leader and accept all the Terms and Conditions”.
  5. Once your clan has been created, head back to the “Clan Tab” and select your newly created clan.
  6. You will now be in your “Clan Dashboard”, here you can update your:
    • Public Visibility
    • Recruitment Status
    • Clan Name
    • Clan Prefix
    • Clan Password
    • Clan Website
    • Clan Location
    • Clan About
    • Clan Motto
    • Clan Logo
    • Clan Banner
  7. Once you have updated the details mentioned above, you can start recruiting members to your Clan to form the teams required to join all of our “Team Based Competitions”.
  8. Make sure you set your clan to “Visible”. Make sure to select “We are recruiting”. Make sure to create a “Clan Password”.
  9. Once completing step 8, players will now be able to search for you clan in the “search” tab on https://www.orena.com/. Once they have found your clan, they must select it to open up the “Join Clan Window”.
  10. Once the “Join Clan Window” is open, the players must select the “Join Clan Button”, followed by entering your recently created “Clan Password”.
  11. Once your chosen players have joined your “Clan”, you may now begin creating and managing teams.

Creating and Managing Teams

  1. Now that your players have joined your “Clan”, return to your “Clan Dashboard” and select the “Manage Teams” tab.
  2. Now that you’re in the “Manage Teams” Tab, select “Add Team” to open the “Add Team Window”.
  3. Once in the “Add Team Window”, use the drop down menu to select the game your new team will be playing as-well as creating a unique name for your team in space labelled “Team Name”.
  4. Once completing the steps above, select “Add Team”.
  5. You will now be taken to a new window where you may add and assign roles to your players.
  6. Some competitions may require a minimum of 5 team members, some may require 6 and some may require as low as 1.
  7. When assigning roles, remember that only “Clan Owners”, “Team Captains” and “Team Vice-Captains” may enter teams into our competitions.

Now that were done with the boring bits, we can head into the fun stuff!

Entering Competitions

  1. To enter a competition, head to the specific competition page and select the “Enter Team” button to open up the “Enter Team” window.

    *NB*. You must be logged into the Orena website to enter competitions.

  2. Once the “Enter Team” window is open, select your team in the drop down menu, followed by selecting “Enter Team”.

    *NB*. Make sure every member of the team has their full “Game Information” updated for the game they will be playing in the competitions.

  3. Once entered into the selected competition, you will be given a set schedule from an Orena “Tournament Administrator”, unless you have entered an Orena “Ladder”.

Competing in Ladder Competitions

  1. If you have entered a “Ladder”, the “Clan Owner”, “Team Captain” or “Vice-Captain” must return to their “User Dashboard” and Select the “Ladder” tab.
  2. Once in the “Ladder Tab” the above mentioned roles can add “Available Dates” to be challenged on. A team must select a minimum of Three “90 Minute” periods per 7 day week to be challenged in order to be activated.
  3. If a team is not activated, they will not be challengeable or be able to issue challenges.
  4. Once a team has set the required minimum weekly “Available Dates”, they can begin challenging other teams on the “Ladder” page or be challenged by other teams.
  5. Once a challenge has been accepted, the Captains or Vice-Captains of the opposing teams must get in-contact via the provided Game ID’s or Messenger Info available in every players profile to organize the match or create the game lobby.
  6. For Counter Strike: Global Offensive, teams may head “HERE” to view available Orena servers. For other available games listed on the Orena website, users must create their own private game lobbies with the systems provided in the game your team will be playing.


Once challenged, a team may forfeit a “Ladder Match” although this will award the opposing team with a default victory. A default victory will have the same effects on a players or teams ranking as normal match. Meaning the winning team will gain ranking points whereas the Losing team will lose ranking points.

With the basics out the way, LETS GET JAMMING!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact support@orena.com