- Section 1, Best-of-one match
- Section 2, Ladder Matches
- Section 3, Recommended Player’s settings
- Section 4, Server settings
- Section 5, Map list
- Section 6, Map Selection
- Section 7, Substitutions
- Section 8, Roster Locks
- Section 9, Match Media
- Section 10, Match interrupted
- Section 11, Score validation
- Section 12, Forbidden software installation
- Section 13, Forbidden in-game actions
- Section 14, Sanctions


Section 1, Best-of-one match:

A best-of-one match is played in one game and opposes two teams of five players. A game is played on one map in two half-times of 15 in-game rounds. For each half-time, teams play alternatively terrorist and counter-terrorist and score one point by winning one in-game round. If one team scores 16 in-game rounds the match ends and the remaining rounds are not to be played.

Section 2, Ladder Matches:

• All Ladder Matches will be played in a "Best of 1 format".
• There are no "Overtime" periods in Ladder Matches, 15-15 scorelines are considered a draw.

Section 3, Recommended Player settings:

cl_interp 0 
cl_interp_ratio 1 
rate 128000 
cl_cmdrate 128 
cl_updaterate 128 
cl_allowdownload 1 
cl_downloadfilter 0 

Section 4, Server settings:

All matches will be played on servers supplied by Orena. If Orena does not indicate that servers have been supplied for a specific event then teams will be obligated to organise their own. If teams prefer to play on a privately selected servers, proof of both team captains agreeing to the decision must be presented to an Orena admin or emailed to info@orena.co.za before the match takes place.
The following game settings will be used:

mp_startmoney 800 
mp_roundtime 1.92 
mp_roundtime_defuse 1.92
mp_freezetime 15 
mp_maxrounds 30 
mp_c4timer 45 
sv_pausable 1 
ammo_grenade_limit_default 1 
ammo_grenade_limit_flashbang 2 
ammo_grenade_limit_total 4

Settings for Overtime:

mp_maxrounds 6 
mp_startmoney 16000

Section 5, Map list:

The following maps are used for this tournament:

• Inferno
• Nuke
• Mirage
• Cache
• Cobblestone
• Train
• Overpass

Section 6, Map Selection:

Map choice for a Best of 1 Match:

For a Best of 1 match the map choice must respect the following procedure:

a) Team B removes one of the 7 maps.
b) Team A removes one of the 6 remaining maps.
c) Team B removes one of the 5 remaining maps.
d) Team A removes one of the 4 remaining maps.
e) Team B removes one of the 3 remaining maps.
f) Team A picks the map to be played out of the 2 remaining maps.
g) The last map will be discarded.

Team A is the winner of a knife round on de_cache. The match is played on the map which is picked by Team A. The sides are chosen via a knife round on the 1st Map.

Section 7, Substitutions:

• The tournament officials must be referred to before any substitution takes place.
• Teams are allowed 1 substitution per game. (Game = All 3 Maps)
• The substitute must not be registered with another team that has competed or is competing in the tournament.
• Teams must register with required subtitutes prior to start of tournaments. No roster changes will be allowed.

Section 8, Roster Locks:

• Teams must register with the required players prior to start of tournaments or ladders. No roster changes will be allowed mid tournament or ladder season.
• Seasonal transfer periods will be announced for teams to make roster changes.

Section 9, Match Media:

Players are obliged to record their in-game demo and take a screenshot of the beginning and end-game scoreboards.

Section 10, Match interrupted:

If a match is involuntarily interrupted (player crash, server crash, network cuts ...) the tournament officials may decide to replay the match according to the following rules:

• Teams have a 15 minute grace period to join the server/lobby from the schedule match time. The team that does not have their full squad on the server after the 15 minute grace period has commenced will have to be forfeited.

• Each team has a maximum of 15 minutes of total "in-game pause" time to deal with technical issues.

• If a problem takes place before the first kill in the first round, the whole half-time will be replayed.

• If a problem takes place during the round and the outcome of the round can’t be determined or guessed, the round is not taken into account, the half-time will be continued with the number of remaining rounds and the scores of the interrupted half-time will be added to the new half-time.

Start money will be set in order to compensate the player(s).

• If the problem took place after the end of the first round, the half-time will be continued with the Number of remaining rounds and the scores of the interrupted half-time will be added to the new half-time. Start money will be set in order to compensate the player(s).

• If start money is applied and a single player is dropped, the demo is primarily used to determine the amount.

• If multiple players dropped, team captain negotiations are primarily used to determine the amount.

A team may “pause” the game at the end of current round or during freeze time to allow the player to come back. A team can’t “pause” the game during the current round unless it has been expressly authorized by the tournament officials or a proven agreement between both captains can be presented to admins.

Section 11, Score validation:

For a match both team captains have to report the match score to the tournament officials

Section 12, Forbidden software installation:

Players may not bring, install or use any external software or hardware that inter-acts in-game, any form of modification that would alter the game or allow a player to execute automatically more than one in-game action, or any configuration file, unless expressly authorized by a tournament official.

Section 13, Forbidden in-game actions:

The following actions are strictly prohibited during a game and will result in round loss (the amount is determined by the tournament director) which will be deducted at the end of the match, and warning:

• using console is forbidden (except to record game).

• using pause during a round is forbidden (except for technical problems at the end of around or during freeze time.)

• Any form of script is forbidden.

• using bugs which change the game principle (i.e. spawn bugs) is illegal.

• moving through walls,floors and roofs is strictly forbidden. This also includes skywalking.

• "silentbombs" (i.e. the planting of a bomb which doesn't make a sound) are illegal.

• planting bombs so that they cannot be defused is illegal. This does not include plants where multiple players are needed to defuse.

• boosting with the help of team mates is allowed in general, but it is forbidden in places where the textures, walls, ceilings,floors become transparent or penetrable.

• “fireboost” (i.e firing below a player to push him) is strictly illegal.

• “flashbugs” are forbidden.

• throwing flash grenades under walls is not allowed, throwing grenades over walls or roofs is allowed.

• “mapswimming“ or “Floating“ is illegal.

• “pixelwalking“ is illegal (Sitting or standing on invisible map edges)

• using 16bit graphics.

• Binding “+duck“ to the mouse wheel is forbidden.

• Any custom (game) files.

Section 14, Sanctions:

A team may be cautioned and receive a warning if one of his players commits any of the following offences: 
• Refuses to follow tournament officials’ instructions. 
• Arrives late at his convocation schedule. 
• Shows dissent by word or action. 
• Uses insulting language and/or gestures. 
• Is guilty of unsporting behaviour.
• Makes use of forbidden software or forbidden in-game exploits.

A team may receive a sanction if one of his players commits any of the following offences: 
• receives more than one warning 
• uses any unlawful or unfair proceedings 
• mislead or dupe any tournament official




If you would like to dispute any rules listed in this ruleset or suggest any changes to improve the overall experience, please contact – info@orena.co.za or contact us via our Facebook or twitter pages!